What About App Coiner – The Ultimate Product Review

In today’s uncertain economic condition all over the world many people are trying to find alternative ways to earn additional income to meet their both ends. In such situation most of them try to use online platforms to make some money easily without moving out of their comfort zone. App Coiner is one of the online money making options introduced recently. In this write-up we are trying to make you understand what is App Coiner and know what about App Coiner before subscribing with it.

What is App Coiner?

App Coiner is an online platform or a website that allows you to make money online just by reviewing and testing apps. Anyone who has a tablet or Smartphone can use this platform to make some extra money. According to appcoiner.com, apps are developed in large numbers everyday all over the world. Most of these apps are remain inactive as they are not found or reviewed by anyone. So this website pays you for testing and reviewing such apps.

Cost of subscribing with App Coiner

In order to make some extra money you will have to spend some money to subscribe with this website. You can access the area for members on this website just by paying an upfront payment of $27, which is not a huge amount that anyone cannot pay if the product is legitimate as many scam money making products are also available online these days.

What About App Coiner?

The reviewers and developers who have an Android and iOS compatible tablet or Smartphone can become member of this platform to use it for making money online by testing and reviewing certain apps available on this website. Moreover anyone including part timers, students, working from home moms and freelancers can join this platform as it does not require any coding skills to make money from home. But you must have good practice in writing English.

The database of large number of apps is available with appcoiner.com which you can download on your device to test and write a review on them. You should write an unbiased review and proof read it several times so that it can be approved without any problem.

Reasons to Subscribe with App Coiner

At this stage a question arises that why to join App Coiner by paying an upfront payment of $27. In fact, App Coiner.com has the database of thousands of apps which are allowed to its members to choose as per their preferences to review and test them through their Smartphone or tablet at their home. So it can be a great opportunity for those who want to make additional income without moving out of their home. You can also use this platform for making more than full time income as there is no upper limit to test and review apps. But you must keep in mind that you will be paid for testing the apps not for reviewing them. So you will have to be more particular on testing the apps.

How to Test the Apps?

When you subscribe with appcoiner.com, you will be allowed to choose apps as per your field of interest like fashion, health, sports and cooking etc. When you have selected the apps of your choice then you will have to test then on your Smartphone or tablet and review them and rate them critically on the basis of their interface, consistency, speed and performance.

Now the question arises that how can I test an app if I do not have any technical knowledge in this respect. In answer to this question this website replies that if you are using similar apps then you must know about the looks of a good app and can set parameter to take a right decision in this respect.

So as you will be paid for testing the apps then you will have to be strong enough while indicating the problems and mistakes you have faced while using those apps. Your feedback will be provided to the developer of the app who will then make it more user friendly by making necessary changes in it.

In this way, it seems to be logical to be paid by App Coiner for testing the apps as you are contributing in making those apps more usable and user friendly.

My Final Take

As to whether App Coiner is legit or not, well it is definitely not a scam, that is certain! A lot of people are earning well using this program but like any other legit programs out there one needs to be careful and be mindful if this program is suitable for you. But then realizing how much you could possibly earn, App Coiner is definitely a try.

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