How To Make Money In YouTube Videos? Video SEO 101

YouTube is one of the largest search engines there is. It is arguably second largest to Google.Until today YouTube is a much underused asset in my personal take. I think it is because a lot of people are very scared of doing the videos. I don’t know why but that is really something that everyone needs to personally overcome.

Optimizing YouTube Video SEO is quite different than the normal SEO but there are several things between the two that are very much the same.One video can give you a lot of benefits.  I mean, once you upload a video there are a number of things that can be done with it in terms of promoting. You can use it to promote on YouTube itself. You can embed it into a blog post, you can share it socially right into the Google plus stream, or even on Facebook. One video actually creates several facets of potential traffic. By utilizing this one medium creates endless possibilities. And unlimited amount of traffic means money on your end.

A video does not always necessarily need to be YOU in front of the camera. It can be a PowerPoint presentation with you speaking over it.You can do videos and not actually be on the videos. You got to think outside the box. Videos could actually be different for each niche. There could be niche that needs to be more visual wherein you need to show a lot of screenshots. It could be a demo. It can be instructional.  So it actually depends on you to get creative in making your video.

Why You Are Losing Traffic By Not Doing Video on YouTube?

More than 1 billion users visit on YouTube each month

-that equates to 33333334 visits every single day

-1388889 visits every minute

-23,148 visits every second

According to Nielsen Ratings:

-YouTube reaches more US adults18-34 than any cable network

-Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube

– That’s almost an hour for every person Earth

So this data just shows you that there are so many people are spending time on YouTube.Given that we are a visual society, videos are created for almost anything including training, education, and entertainment.

YouTube is a great asset that is being handed to you. All you to do is utilize it to its full potential.

YouTube videos are now part of Google SERPs, this means that if I search for something, typically a “how to” search on Google, videos will show up.

YouTube Ranking Factors

Keywords are very important the way videos are ranked inside YouTube.

– Keywords

-In your Title

-in your description

-in your tags

– Number of views

-High amount of views create a YT SERP bump.

-High Engagement Rate

-Big ranking factor is amount of people who view the entire video. This means that your video needs to be engaging. You see one of YouTube’s goals is to provide quality videos to their viewers, and make viewers stay on their website. Now if they notice that your video is not engaging enough meaning if you have 100 views but only 2% stayed to finish the entire video then they won’t rank it on YouTube SERP.

– Number of likes

-Make sure to encourage your viewers to like your video. It may be you telling them or you can embed it to your presentation.

– Number of subscribers

-Aside from encouraging the viewers to like, don’t forget to have them subscribe to your channel. Getting them to subscribe is like creating a mailing list. Your subscribers will be notified each time you have a new uploaded video.

– Number of shares

-Make sure to share your video as well to other social media platforms, the more people that knows about your video, the views you will have and that is a huge factor for views bump.

Researching Your Keyword

-Just like normal keyword research you can use Jaaxy to find your keywords.

-Same rule apply high search volume/ low competition. Check my review about Jaaxy to know more about how to use it.

Create an Eye Catching Title

– Your YouTube title should have around 120 characters.

– I Personally Like to Capitalize Each Strong Word

– Awesome Adjectives works well. These are trigger words that describe the video.

Write an Awesome Description

-A dedicated YouTube video is essentially a blog post

-don’t limit yourself with content in your description

-be sure to add a URL of your website or to an offer you are                 promoting.

Make a Great First Impression with Thumbnails

– By default YouTube randomly selects a thumbnail from your video

– You have the power to upload a custom thumbnail.

After successfully setting up your newly uploaded video all you to do is published it publicly and share it to social media. Ask your friend to watch you’re newly uploaded video.

Finally, Monetize Your YouTube Video!

Still wondering how to make money in YouTube Videos? Given that you have a well optimized video, a very good description with an affiliate link embedded, URL to your website or e-commerce site, consider yourself to have established a branch of your business.

It all boils down to affiliate marketing, though a lot of people in YouTube use advertisement to earn money. I think that’s a penny compared to what you will earn through the links you put in your YouTube descriptions.

Imagine this, what if you have a well optimized video that has at least a thousand views a day. Out of those 1000 viewers 100 of them clicked the link you put in your description and two people out of 100 who clicked on the link actually bought the product you promoted. That would be two sales per day, and what if that product being sold will earn you $50 commission per sale? That would be $100 that you will earn per day!

What are you waiting for? Create an engaging or entertaining video now and start making money with it.

So that’s about it with regards YouTube SEO. If you have further questions feel free to comment below and I will be more than willing to clarify any confusion you have.

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