Home Medication: How To Lower The Body’s Creatinine Levels

Creatine is a natural chemical compound or specifically a waste product produced by the metabolism of
creatine which is released from urines by the activities of the kidney. The body normally contains creatinine and its normal amount should be maintained because it takes care of the overall muscles of your entire body system. To cleanse the body fluid circulating throughout the body is mainly how to lower creatinine levels. Releasing toxins from the body and regularizing the flow of the body fluids are the basic and key steps to make when the creatinine level is high.

These actions and home remedies are completely beneficial and effective for lowering the levels of

  • Eating Fibrous Foods
    Increasing the intake of fibers from organic and natural sources. Fiber is essential for the body’s metabolic capacity. The intake of sufficient or much fiber contributes to reducing the body’s creatinine levels. These food groups contain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are found to cleanse the body’s bloodstream and are beneficial for blood circulation. Fibers are abundant in foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. These foods are believed to digest easily because it keeps gastrointestinal function healthy. Fiber softens the stool to prevent constipation so it helps flush out toxins, especially inside the intestines and colon. A glass of 100% natural and organic fresh fruit or vegetable juice between meals or even three times a day is also recommended.

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  • Reduce Protein Intake
    Some protein sources increase creatinine levels. Most of these are heavy red meats that are heated or cooked. Cooked meats produce particular chemicals that react to the human body’s creatinine which induces its amount. Having high creatinine levels should follow A very strict and limited diet to avoid troubling diseases. Thus, red meats and all other kinds of meats are hard to digest which lets the body accumulate waste and toxins that may be difficult to wash out from the body. Aside from red meats and meats in general, dairy products, fatty foods, junk foods, and eggs are also high sources of creatinine. For a completely safe diet and food intake, it is always better to swap taking meat-based products and switch to taking plant-based proteins like lentils, peas, beans, and grains.

  • Drink more water and beneficial acids
    Never get dehydrated. Limit – or completely stop taking alcohol and smoking. Smoking can increase the risk of chronic kidney disease while alcohol also adds serum creatinine contents. Drinking lots of water more than the necessary amount every day is helpful in washing out toxins, and improving the blood and fluid circulations of the body.

  • Avoid taking any supplements or any processed edible sustenance as much as possible
    You take herbal and naturally made medicinal supplements for reducing creatinine levels. However,
    manufactured and lab-designed supplements contain chemicals and elements that may result in increasing the creatinine levels of the body. As creatine is a compound produced by the liver and the drugs that you take are metabolized by it, supplements and tablets may cause serious impacts on your creatinine level issues.

  • Talk to your health professional about taking the right kinds of medication
    Diuretics help in getting rid of the harmful salt and water inside the body. These are pills that produce the right kind of sodium and cleanse the fluid flowing through the body’s veins and arteries. These mainly remove the excess fluids of the body but primarily regularize the blood circulation and flow of fluid in the body due to the retention of fluids. There are different kinds of diuretics that your doctors can explain to you and recommend which diet, lifestyle, and medication are best suited for your condition.

>>Learn how over 25 000 people have
>>Lowered creatinine levels and increased GFR

Furthermore, it is important to regularly check your creatinine through a creatinine test so you will be able to understand if you need to and how to reduce creatinine levels. You may need to have a creatinine level test if you experience these symptoms regularly or consistently:

  • Unusual urination includes sensations of pain, foaminess, frequency, or if you see blood in your urine.
  • Muscle cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Random nausea and vomiting
  • Swelling of feet and ankles
  • Puffy eyes and surrounding areas

Take note that Creatinine levels in men should not go more than 1.4 and 1.2 for women. Having high creatinine levels can cause kidney failure and it will result in more troubles and diseases throughout the

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