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Want to know the best Online Business Marketing Strategies? If your answer is yes, then please keep reading.

People who are looking for ways to earn a residual income are growing each day. They want to get away of their 9-5 jobs so badly it makes them desperate to earn money online the soonest time possible. Newbie that are literally wearing “ROB ME OFF” signs on their forehead and whom are easy target of SCAMMERS.

In entering the world of Internet Marketing, one needs to be prepared. It is a battlefield, simply because you will have lots of competition. In order to survive, one needs a proper training. So, a research on Online Business Marketing Strategies should be taken.


Foundation of your Online Business



A website is what solid foundation one should have if he wants to be successful in the business is a website.

Think of it as a store. The moment someone passes by and happens to check on what you have to offer on your store then they will have a place to get back to. It is the same for the website. People would know where to go, what URL to type and what button to click if they know you have a website.


Marketing Materials


Having a place for your audience or potential customers to visit is won’t completely run the business.

Let’s go back to having a store, a store is just a room unless you will put any items for sale to it. Same goes with your website, it would simply be a URL floating in the cloud waiting to be utilized.

This is where your content is comes in. Consider your content as the product that you sell or the service that you offer. Which most of the times it is. All content should be unique and not copied from elsewhere.

You need to keep piling up unique contents to your website to keep driving engagements from your visitors and eventually gain their trusts.


Establish Traffic


Now that you have your store which is the website and it is now stuffed with items or your website content. Next thing that you need to be working on is targeting your potential customers.

On a real world customers could be passersby, patrons or some random guy looking for things that your store might offer, they could be someone who saw an ad about your store on TV or read the flyers from somewhere.

In the internet world, targeting customers also needs visibility, being noticed, making a mark, establishing the brand, these will make your business go places.



  • They could be passersby, yes…if your website is ranked in Google, someone search for something related to your niche, your website comes up of the search and that audience decided to click your entry on the search engine, then that would be a traffic for you. That is why SEO or getting ranked in the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo is important. It is like having a store located in a mall or someplace crowded where there’s a lot of passersby that could be a potential sale.


Build Trust

  • Customers could be patron, yes..if you have established or build trust with your visitors. They will volunteer themselves to be your websites subscriber, follower and regular visitors.


Spread the Word

  • Lastly, your audience could be someone who saw the ad about your website.

Now how could you spread the word? A few of the many ways are,
– Pay per Click (Google Adsense)
– Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
– Videos (Creating Videos to be uploaded on Youtube, Vimeo)
– Social Bookmarking


Reap What You Saw


The endless ways to monetize your website will come on your way the moment you have everything set.


Now that you have an established optimized website, What’s Next?

You can monetize your website by using this strategies:

Affiliate Marketing – selling other peoples products while you get commission.
Example: product is worth $50 you get 50% commission every sale that means you get $25 each sale.
Imagine how much you will earn if you will get at least one sale everyday
Note: If you have a well optimized website, you will most likely have more than one sale a day.

Selling your own product – your own product means the sales is solely yours!

Google Adsense – signing for adsense to use a space on your website for advertisements. The moment your visitors click on the ads showing on a particular webpage then you get paid. Simple isn’t it?


There are a lot of ways to make money online, the thing is you need to establish a solid foundation to make it a truly passive income. Join a community of like minded people to make your road to success even easier and more secure. Click on the link below to know more!

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